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Development partners are front and center to our approach

Not only do we provide access to flexible capital for early-stage projects, but we also lend our expertise to your day-to-day development to add support where you need it most. We enter partnerships for the long haul and stay by your side until your projects are brought to realization. We want to be the accelerant that provides the developer community with the required stability to dream big – a necessity to expedite our world’s energy transition to a carbon-zero future.

The Accelerant Program

The Accelerant Program is a partnership between Sunraycer and Constellation Power Services. The partnership combines flexible pre-NTP capital from Sunraycer and generation management services from Constellation.

Pre-NTP Capital from Sunraycer

O&M and Generation Management from Constellation Power Services

Accelerant is designed to enable renewable energy developers to accelerate the deployment of green power generation in the United States to meet the rapidly-evolving energy transition.

Accelerant will afford developers access to flexible and creative pre-NTP financing from Sunraycer and access to O&M, energy management and generation management services from Constellation Power Services.

Accelerant is designed to eliminate project uncertainties, financial hurdles and technical complexities to enable developers to focus on their core competencies.

Constellation Power Services

O&M and Generation Management Services

Constellation Power Services, a services group within Constellation, leverages the company’s operational expertise and back-office support to provide customers a complete spectrum of power plant management solutions. Constellation (Nasdaq: CEG), is the nation’s largest producer of carbon-free energy, powering more than 20 million homes and businesses through a diverse generation fleet with approximately 30,000 megawatts of capacity. Constellation sets the standard for world-class power plant operations that produce clean, safe, and reliable electricity.

Why Constellation Power Services?

We recognize that each owner, investor or developer has unique needs at different times in an asset’s life cycle, which is why our customized programs are designed to meet your requirements.

Customer Specified Operating Program

Flexible Contracting Terms

Staffing Integration and Training

Best Practices from Constellation’s Fleet

Dedicated Operating Team

National Presence in Markets and Operations


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